Tuesday, April 2, 2013

incogman, nathanael kapner, david duke and all other loudmouthed attention-baiters are a bunch of jews

theres really nothing new to this post, i just wanted to remind you that just in the times of hitler and stalin, the people that most vehemently speak either for or against the jews and call for boycotts of jaffa oranges, or for extermination, or sail on the flotilla to gaza, or lead the american KKK or nazi party, or german politicians like sarrazin and grass that loudly proclaim their opinion on the whole palestinian conflict..... all of them i mean ALL OF THEM are jews themselves.... these dwarves just cant come to rest and think the entire universe evolves around them... the wicked have no rest. a fire burns within them, they reject g-ds peace and serenity.. i will post a couple of examples now, no not goebbels and hitler (both were jews), i mean the modern ones that try to get americans to riot and get violent, so they can say "the americans started the new civil war all by themselves".. which in fact is not true.. americans never went to war only when the jew lobby pushed them to.. all wars fought by america were masonic wars... so its all been said before, lets go to the pictures instead...
 so incogman has the wit and intelligence to make hundreds and hundreds of collages making fun of people. but his brain is too slow to comprehend that dallas goldbug in fact is telling the truth.. he wants you to keep looking at his funny pictures instead of admitting the obvious. that the entire jew government is full of actors.. that tells you that incogman is just another character, and not a genuine californian. a loudmouthed little bagel.
 he names himself after a movie character played by humphrey bogart some time ago. also likes to compare himself with jack nicholson.. i wonder why he does that ?
 you can see in everything he does he has the loudmouthed self-secure swagger that only jews have, since they know they are excempt from prosecution. no other people talk like that...
 then look at this dwarf, his hat is almost bigger than him. can it be anymore obvious.
 this is his website, he makes many good points, but its obvious that he´s part of the controlled media
 he calls dallas a jew-rat, hahahahh in fact he is one himself.. what a complete clown..
 he likes to wear his jack-nicholson hat... his bio might as well be completely made up.. the comments section on his blog are always full.. dont know how many of those coments he actually wrote himself..
 then he wants to incite people to riot, so the new american civil war can be started... (i personally believe there will be a cvil war, due to a prophetic event in my life. some 4yrs ago after i went to church (i normally never go), i felt compelled to go to a bus station in town and there met a homeless young man in his twenties and spent the evening with him, and before i left he gave me a cd of the band "iced earth" called "the glorious burden", and on the cover of the cd there was a scenario of the american civil war, with people shooting each other and bajonetting each other to shreds...so we must not ignore prophetic events when they happen in our lives.even if it takes years until they come to pass. prophecy can take many years until it is fulfilled..
 incogjew rails against dallas goldbug, the very man who outed hundreds and hundreds of bnei brit actors, and calls him a "loonie", when in fact he has solid proof and backs up everything with facial comparisons.
this shows us that incogman is in fact just another tiny jew dwarf baiting for attention.. we can see the jews tortured by their fate of rejecting christ 20 centuries ago, now they constantly want to hop in and out of character. you offer them sweets, suddenly they are jews. you try to hold them accountable, suddenly they are someone else, and hold their fake ID card up for everyone to see... this shows you how torn apart they really are.. their fate is too much to bear, they cant come to rest, until they lay down their pride and submit to christ and stop with their "chosenness" bullshit..
now lets take a look at nathanael kapner, the selfdeclared street evangelist and former jew, who now digs the greek orthodox church. he makes lots of collages, some of them are actually quite good, but you can tell he´s very likely still a jew, and another actor or character,  by his constant begging antics... he wants other people to pay for his nice house in colorado, and keeps begging for money..in typical fashion, the first 3 years he tried to attract people to his blog and work up a fanbase, now he comes for their money. jews are master in this monopoly tipa game, no mater if they run google, microsoft or formerly the surfcamp in tavarua, fiji, where a jew established a monopoly for the wave of "cloudbreak".. luckily some years ago this monopoly got broken and now everybody can surf the wave (if he´s good enough and can pay for the flight)..
 just look at his grin. he keeps his wild jewish beard but tells us he´s a born again ?
 what in the world is this guy trying to achieve ? you can see the jews having the character of the devil, they go from place to place, inciting riots, upheaval and cataclysms, always pretending to be someone else, just like satan who goes out to deceive the entire world hiding constantly under a new mask... yet these idiots cant admit what or who they really are... a bunch of clowns !! and say "bloodline overrides spirit" and say they are the chosen ppl of g-d, when in fact spirit overrides bloodline...
david duke like all other white nationalist and "white pride" leaders. just another jew. david duke is played by either david atherton or david church... he is simply another actor.. how else could all these people get so many clicks on their websites in such a short amount of time ? the bigger a new movement gets in short amounts of time, the easier you can tell its in fact a bnei brith acting gig. not for real ppl and not by real ppl.

 all the modern nazi parties and KKK-clones in every nation under heaven have been started by jews and are operated by them, to control the opposition and see how many people will follow them..
just read my post on the "golden dawn" in greece...
louis farrakhan, the american muslim leader, who rails against the jews like nothing good, is a jew himself.
seeing how many people he can incite with his attention mongering..

so remember the wrath of man (and of jews) worketh not the righteousness of ALF...
give em an applause for their performance, but know who they are and what they´re worth...
the still small voice is a better leader than the yelling of hitler, stalin, farrakhan or all those other clowns...

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