Wednesday, April 30, 2014

PORNSTARS --- barbie bridges is pastor melissa scott, and Gretchen Voss, her own slanderer

 this woman is called pastor melissa scott. LA-based woman with a knack for languages and scholarly research (claims to speak over a dozen languages). her teaching isnt bad, but we can see the typical trajectory for a woman of her caliber, going from one money-making industry (softcore porn) right to the next most lucrative available (televangelism)... for people from certain families learning to control their environment isnt just a sport its a necessity thats being engrained into them carefully by their parents.

 before she became a pastor she shot some footage under her porn name "barbie bridges". theres still some 80s material floating around..this is not a secret evrybody knows that..
 but heres the funny part...there was a journalist who wrote a very bad article about her, how evil she was and how much of a scam etc. so i had to dig into it. and lo-and-behold...she actually wrote the article about herself LOL ! simply using her journalist alter "Gretchen Voss" where she´s writing online articles for a chick rag.
 thats Gretchen with her gigantic i need to make a tasteless joke about single women with big dogs ? i dont think so.. my blog is already bad enough...
 Melissa Scott took over the ministry of a really controversial figure in televangelism, whose name is Dr.Gene Scott. he was also a great scholar, but had a temper, an angry old man who at times would swear at his audience cursing them to give them more money.
 as seen many times with these luciferians who actually dont believe in the stuff they preach, and are themselves bedazzled how people just keep coming to their sermons. they dont know that jesus is real but keeps using bad leaders to test peoples loyalty... they themselves cant receive his spirit for they are bound by their luciferian oaths ...
 in typical fashion she plays her own antagonist...
 ear matchup..
 here some old footage from her in the 80s but i dont actually have to add that stuff you can find it easily if you just use your search engine..
 an article about her...

 2nd part of article..

 twenty six languages believe it who will..
 i´d say probably make that half a dozen and you´re closer to the truth..
 her twitter feats...
 her as pastor (left) and her 80s p-rn alter barbie bridges (right side)... nice wavy hair..

 same eyes same woman
 same frontals
 left side Gretchen Voss, right side Melissa

 same ear for both women

no time to dig deeper into the whole affair... so much more threads to upload..

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