Thursday, December 13, 2012

probly A-bombs and H-bombs are a hoax too..

 i just spent an entire day sifting through material and have come to the conclusion that nuclear warheads very likely are also a hoax. i´m not exactly shure. i dont think world energy suply could meet the demand without nuclear power, but i´m not shure about the nuke thing. even if nukes exist, a whole lot of rigging went on with the film and foto material.
 before they tried the first nukes at trinity site, they lit up 100 tons of TNT as seen here stacked on this platform. the actual trinity bombs were even more powerful ! incredible...
 there are many things that are veeeeeery fishy about the entire nuke thing. likely hiroshima and nagasaki were firebombed. they had experience with that from dresden, rotterdam and other places. now they stepped it up one notch to finish the war in the pacific and teach the japs a lesson. japan even has a red fireball on its flag. a simple rule of thumb for barroom fights and wars is " whoever throws the first punch loses". its a common constant that the stronger one can set up everything for his advantage then excites the anger of the weaker to defeat and humiliate him. clearly the japanese are the weaker nation.
 only 3/4 of a mile form the epicenter, some 8 jesuit priests survived the "blast" and said "it must be a miracle". their leader would become 20 years after inspector general of the jesuit order.
 this only picture from the nagasaki blast from the air shows what seems to be 2 separate cloud plumes. they even have different color.
 on "" and other places people of course believe its all real. they dont care that yellow flames are a sign of very low burning temperature like from napalm, and that black smoke comes from uneffective combustion of carbohydrates. mark in all the explosions there are tracer rockets on the side of the picture shot upwards to make the shockwave better visible for cameras.
 hiroshima was very likely firebombed with regular npalm clusterbombs. it looks just like dresden, rotterdam, tokio after the M-69 bombs fell from those stratofortresses. immediately some days after the "nuclear bomb" people started rebuilding the city as if nothing happened. this bank shown here opened 2 days after ground zero. clearly what we are told in school is another jewk of gigantic proportions.
 again the napalm comparison comes up. in many movie shots they probly worked with composite frames or overlays of the sun zoomed into, cloud pillars, bright magnesium nukes (like the photoflash bomb used in WW2 to light up a target zone into blazing daylight), or just plain TNT in raw masses.
 enewetak atoll in the marshall we see 1 blast crater covered with concrete 1 still open. ivy mike was exploded here.
 ivy mike description.
 funny also how the clouds dont even move one bit before and after the blast. defying physics it seems.
 magnesium flashes like these flares burn bright and are used in missile defense, in the 50s also as photoflash
 thats another hiroshima shot
 and another one in color after the explosion of little boy. little boy and fat man had different mechanism.
 hiroshima was built out of wood and paper. the concrete buildings survived. the wood dowsed in burning napalmlike goo (M-69 bombs) burned down to the ground. thats all theres to "hiroshima". the masons laugh. they fooled you once more. no wonder since their master is the great joker.
 thats nagasaki after the explosion of fat man.
 if you think everything the government tells about nukes is true and kosher, even tho they shamelessly lied and lie to this day about moon landing, mars rovers, 911 kerosine melting solid steel and collapsing skyscrapers, disappearing children, the columbine shooting, the actors in government, supreme court and all the fake embassadors, thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn of course it makes perfect sense. the nukes, of which up to today not one has been used in a terrorist attack, makes perfect sense !!
 and becuase of that they had their own film studio, on a selfsufficient big building, everything classified, full of equipment for cutting, assembling movie, with the brightest people in the business.overlooking LA. producing supersecret footage for the forging of the cold war with the russians that got lied to just the same by their own institutes and government actors.
 here we can see the building it is today a rehab clinic. u can still see the masonic checkerfloor in some rooms.
 in many nuke videos, cheap models were used. just like in the case of the fake moon pictures by fake luna or apollo landers. thee rule of thumb: the more dilettantic the footage, the more people believe it. some of these movies are so obviously hoax its rediculous. the entire building shattered to dust, the camera didnt move 1 bit of the wave. ya, makes perfet sense to me. also the shadow cast etc. in MOST cases you also hve several cuts in the movie or frames overlaid and creating  composite.
 i´m gonna look directly into the brightest glare known to mankind, thats why i use my 5$ parachute shades that i got from walmart on sale. tell that your neighbor who works as a welder, he´s gonna laugh u to scorn.
 the nagasaki plume clouds again. 2 separate plumes. and why does that cloud travel around ? strange.
 "i have become the destroyer of worlds, shiva". oppenheimer the jew quoted from the gita. very likely he also had alternate characters. everything else dont make sense. you dont get to the limelight unless u are part of their retarded lieing lucifer lifestyle. (LLL)
 he supposedly flew the enola gay who dropped little boy on hiroshima. still alive likeall those fake mason astronauts he repeats like a mantra "i´d do it again every time.."..these people dont really understand what they do. the lieing spirit is a subconscious thing. spirits operate in the subconscious area. the thinking follows the spirit. the spirit rules over the intellect and the entire body and human being. a 5yr old child has a more valable spirit than this old man laden down with lies and sins.
 enola GAY. nuff said.
 paul w. tibbets was the bockscar pilot.
 pedro arrupe after his hiroshima "miracle" made it to chief president of the jesuits, the sickest fucks in the sick religion of catholicism aka the babylonian whore reversion of christianity.
 entire clouds seem to go unscathed by this gigantic blast. probably they are supernatural or just a film composite of 2 scenes overlaid. a technique simple and effective.
 rotterdam after carpetbombing with napalm goo. wood is gone. stone still stands.
 then theres "supercells" theyre round gigantic stormclouds. some of them overlaid in timelapse with some explosions or light or explosion scene migt make a nifty nuke flick.
 then theres this "atomic cannon" that the yankees developed. it shoots so fast that even in stillframe mode the projectile fired couldnt be seen, even tho the muzzle velocity was as low as 60ft per frame. so theres no excuses guys. this cannon is a jewk.
 this german young jesuit was interviewed after hiroshima. he said he and his pals started rebuilding immediately after the destruction and felt no repercussions of radiation.
 tokio 1945 after firebombing with M-69s. look familiar ? i think yes...
 then when they lit up their farts (nukes), they put a silly ass egyptian sunpillar /phallus in place for people to remember that masonry is awesome. havent these not been placed in other places, on tombstones of known liars and deceivers, or other places of importance to the whole racket ? i think yes. so why should the nke sites be the exception ? even on watchtower tract society founders grave there is one. he founded the jehovas witnesses.
 so here they put one too.. cant harm if we put another one up. the whole US is the modern egypt anyway.
you learned that in my "joseph story" blogpost if you paid attention.
ok heres the checkerboard floor from the government funded secret classified "lookout mountain" studio.

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